Child Support

When a divorce occurs involving children, both legal parents are required to provide financial support to their children until the age of eighteen, or until they become self-sufficient. In the United States alone, there are millions of divorced parents who have been awarded sole custody of their children, or have majority time-sharing privileges. The federal laws that exist for enforcement of child support collection make the process much simpler than without such legislation, but the process can get confusing due to individual laws of each state. An experienced family law attorney in your state can help you understand the legislation, and guide you through the process. At Znosko & Reas, our divorce attorneys are fully versed in Florida custody and child support laws. We want to help you with the legal proceedings, while keeping your goals in mind. We strive to keep parents educated, and help them calculate the necessary support, based on factors such as the income of both parties involved, health insurance costs, child care expenses, and custody circumstances.

Generally, child support is ordered by a court during the proceedings of a divorce, separation or paternity. Child support payments are different from alimony payments, and both can be mandated simultaneously in a divorce. The financial support is ongoing throughout the time that the child is a minor. The payments can only be used to benefit the child through health costs, education, and other necessities. It cannot be used as pocket money for the child or custodial parent or guardian the payments can be given directly or indirectly to the child, but may be given to the custodial parent or guardian to provide for the child. Typically, child support is paid by one parent, to the other parent; though factors of income and quality of life. In the case of equal time share, the parent with the lower financial income will most likely be awarded child support payments to be made by the other parent.
At Znosko & Reas, we are aware that divorces tend to be difficult for everyone involved, especially kids. Although the guidelines of children can be decided by a court, we aim to utilize mediated settlements for decisions that are fair and beneficial to both parents, as well as, their children. With one of our experienced Orlando divorce and family law attorneys, you can give your child the financial support and high quality of life that they need, while maintaining your bowls in the process.

Family Law Attorneys Wanda M. Reas and Gerald F. Znosko have extensive experience in identifying assets to aid the initial proceedings, settling issues of legal paternity, and highlighting important issues in court, to achieve a result that our clients and their children feel happy and comfortable with. Child support can give a child the ability to retain the quality of life they experienced during their parents’ marriage, without the turbulence and instability some divorces can involve. Child support payments cover medical bills, education, and more. Our attorneys are ready to dedicate the time and effort to you, so that you can secure the child support payments and parenting plan that you need.

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